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Fun For guitarists
These are MIDI files of songs that guitarists can play along with.  All songs are copyrighted of their respective artists.  Note: Magic Carpet Ride is not identical to the original.  I may have repeated the chorus more times or something like that.

Crank up your Axe, fire up the MIDI file and play along!

Song Title Length Size Last Updated Description
Magic Carpet Ride 2:47 20 K 11/30/98 Verse & Chorus: D C G   Transition: D B C
Comfortably Numb 6:03 13 k 1/03/98 Verse: Bm A G F#m Em Bm   Chorus: D A D A C G C G A C G D
Margaritaville 3:40 11k 1/03/98 Verse: D.. A.. D    Chorus: G A D..   G A D..   G A DAG..  A D
If anyone has any other MIDI files in similar fashion to the ones I have listed here, I would love to hear them!

zzounds guitar

This is the main reason I was attracted to MIDI.  It allows me to have an entire band at my fingertips.  If you get two musicians in the same room they can't agree on anything after 10 minutes of playing, but with MIDI, YOU are the boss.  

Want to practice that guitar solo 30 times?  Sure thing Boss - how about 50 times?   Really love that chorus?  Want to play it 10 times straight and just jam out?   Anything you want Boss!  :-)  Ain't MIDI great?

Sure its great to jam with your buddies every now and then.  Nothing beats the human touch, and it makes a jam session that much more fun, but when you are back home, its nice to be the ruler of your dominion, and to have a perfect back up band at the snap of a finger.

Visit the Parker NiteFly Guitar Page.

In case you are wondering, NO, that's NOT a Parker NiteFly.  Its a cheapo Charvel.  It's my get-me-by guitar until I get my Parker NiteFly.

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