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Brian Dill. The man. The Myth. The Legend.
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If you don't have a sense of humor about life, then it is difficult to enjoy life. If you can make someone else laugh, then you have made the world a better place. We come into the world crying, and continue to cry for the first several years of our lives. We must learn to tip the scales in the favor of laughter as we grow. Only then will we become our true selves.
-W. Brian Dill

My Life Reduced
to a Paragraph

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If I only had three words to describe my being and essence, they would be: computers, music and humor.
  • Computers - my job and livelihood come from this fast-paced technology.
  • Music - one of my hobbies and one of my major joys in the world.
  • Humor - one of the things that keeps me going.

I have been married to Tina since 1994. 

At work, I am a programmer for RealTracs in Nashville.  My consulting experience has been working with Visual Studio .Net and MS SQL server building web-based database applications.  My certifications include MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA, and Adobe Photoshop

On my own time I am a MIDI enthusiast.  I have quite a number of original MIDI files.
I also play guitar and (try to) sing.

I am currently serving as President of my neighborhood homeowner's association - Chestnut Springs.

I regularly attend Sunday School Class at Brentwood United Methodist Church.

I'm a Mississippi State University graduate. (1993 in Economics and Philosophy - minor in math) Go State!   I am also a University of Alabama graduate. (1995 in Economics - minor in statistics).

My one contribution to the world of economics - a formalization of my Mediocre Theory.

Of course I have the obligatory online resume.

As an added bonus, you get the recipes for my favorite New Year's Day Treats: Eggs Benedict and Bananna's Foster.

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Courtesy of: LeftAndWrite.com