The Fine Print

Legal Matters:

All of my original MIDI works are copyrighted.  You are free to play my MIDI files in private.  You may also put them on your personal website or non-profit website provided that you give the author (me) proper credit and provide a link to my website. 

However if you intend to use my works on a commercial website or in a product that you sell or profit from, then you are required to contact me prior to doing so to obtain a license to use my works.

Sound Quality

Note, the quality of the playback is highly dependent on what soundcard you have. If you have a super-cheap $25 soundcard (i.e. 8-bit) then the songs will sound like total crap, but if you have a SoundBlaster Live or higher quality card, then you will hear a much higher quality sound.

My MIDI Studio Setup

For all of my MIDI recordings I am using

so if you have a SoundBlaster Live or Live Value, then you are hearing the music just as I composed it.

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