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The Bright Side of Life

Monty Python

Some [Am]things in life are [D7]bad
they can [G]really make you [Em]mad
o[Am]ther things just m[D7]ake you swear and [G]curse[Em]
when you're [Am]chewing on large [D7]gristle
don't [G]grumble - give a wh[Em]istle
and wh[A7]istles help things turn out for the [D]best

And a[G]lways l[Em]ook at the br[Am]ight s[D7]ide of l[G]ife ([Em]fl\370jt..[Am].....[D7]...)
a[G]lways l[Em]ook on the l[Am]ight s[D7]ide of l[G]ife ([Em]fl\370jt..[Am].....[D7]...)

If [Am]life seems jolly [D7]rotten
there's [G]something you've for[Em]gotten
and [Am]that's to laugh and [D7]smile and dance and [G]sing[Em]
when you are f[Am]eeling in the [D7]dumps
[G]don't be silly ch[Em]ums
just [A7]purse your lips and whistle that's the [D]thing

{c: Chorus}

For [Am]life is quite ab[D7]surd
and [G]death's the final [Em]word
you must [Am]always face the [D7]curtain with a [G]bow[Em]
for[Am]get about your [D7]sin
give the [G]audience a [Em]grin
en[A7]joy it's your last chance any[D]how

So a[G]lways l[Em]ook on the br[Am]ight s[D7]ide of d[G]eath  ([Em]fl\370jt..[Am].....[D7]...)
j[G]ust be[Em]fore you [Am]draw your [D7]terminal b[G]reath. ([Em]fl\370jt..[Am].....[D7]...)

L[Am]ife's a piece of sh[D7]it
[G]when you look at [Em]it
l[Am]ife's a laugh and [D7]death's a joke - it's [G]true[Em]
[Am]you see it's all a [D7]show
keep them [G]laughing as you [Em]go
just re[A7]member that the last laugh is on [D7]you

{c:Chorus (3x)}

--------  Words Only ------
Some things in life are bad
they can really make you mad
other things just make you swear and curse
when you're chewing on large gristle
don'tgrumble - give a whistle
and whistles help things turn out for the best

And always look at the bright side of life
aways look on the light side of life

If life seems jolly rotten
there's something you've forgotten
and that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing
when you are feeling in the dumps
don't be silly chums
just purse your lips and whistle that's the thing

{c: Chorus}

For life is quite absurd
and death's the final word
you must always face the curtain with a bow
forget about your sin
give the audience a grin
enjoy it's your last chance anyhow

So always look on the bright side of death
just before you draw your terminal breath.

Life's a piece of shit
when you look at it
life's a laugh and death's a joke - it's true
you see it's all a show
keep them laughing as you go
just remember that the last laugh is on you
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